UCI全科学术学期交流大学生项目University Credit(学期项目)

Our Academic Study Abroad Program is designed for students matriculated into international university degree programs. ASAP allows students to augment their current studies with three, six or nine months at the University of California, Irvine for both ac
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Important Dates
Application deadline: 3months before the program starts; Program dates: Fall Sep 22 Winter Dec 29, Spring Mar 23
Best Suited For
Undergraduate students who are applying for overseas graduate programs or wan to enchance the resume for more job opportunities
3-month tuition: $8,200 USD 6-month tuition: $16,200 USD 9-month tuition: $24,000 USD
Admission Requirements
CET-4 493 CET-6 450 Duolingo 105 GRE (Verbal score) 150 IELTS 6.5 Internet-based TOEFL 80 iTEP Level 5 TEM 70
Length of Study
1-3 quarters(3-9 months)
Pace of Study
It varies based on the courses you enroll
Program Overview


ASAP students may earn 12 quarter units each quarter when taking UCI courses through Concurrent Enrollment. Credit value in quarter units is indicated in parenthesis after course numbers. One quarter unit equals two-thirds of a semester unit.   Please know that every university or college admissions office holds the final determination of the transferability of the units a student earns in ASAP.  It is strongly advised that you check with your home university about their unit transfer policy in advance. (学生一个学季在空位接触上选择12学分欧文本科生课程)


Study at a Top 10 U.S. public university (全美公立院校排名前10)
Learn from renowned UCI professors and accomplished professionals(师从名校名师)
Access to abundant academic and campus resources at a leading research university(丰富的校园资源和教学资源供国际生使用)
Receive academic support and individualized advising(项目由专门的学术辅导和建议办公室协助同学顺利完成项目)
Build your network through meaningful interactions with international and U.S. American students, and UCI faculty and staff
Choose the length of your program and have the flexibility to extend
Earn credit that may be transferable to your home university
Gain valuable knowledge and tips about adapting to life at UCI
Participate in the social events and excursions with other international and American students

Best Suited For 适合学生
Teaching formality 授课形式
In person
Classmates 同班同学
Study along side degree seeking students from UCI
Courses 选课限制
UCI School of Law, Paul Merage School of Business, Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing and School of Medicine are not available
Transcript or certificate 成绩单或证书
Yes you will receive an official transcript from UCI
Location 地理位置
Irvine, California, USA
Passport 护照
A valid passport is required
Visa 签证
F1 student visa
Scholarship 奖学金
Yes if selected to be campus embassador
Housing 住宿
Off campus housing