UCI法律硕士项目Master of Laws LLM(硕士学位项目)

The Master ofLaws (LL.M.) programis a one-year,full-time, 24-credit course of study in advancedlegal topics geared towards teaching students...
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Important Dates
Application deadline: For Spring 2021 Start: November 30, 2020; For Fall 2021 Start: June 30, 2021
Best Suited For
Undergraduate students majoring in Law
Estimated Tuition fee is $57,600
Admission Requirements
Length of Study
One year
Pace of Study
24 credit a year
Program Overview


A University of California degree designed for lawyers trained outside the United States that offers spring and fall start dates(春秋两季入学的硕士法学项目)
TheMaster ofLaws (LL.M.) programis a one-year,full-time, 24-credit course of study in advanced legal topics geared towards teaching students:(LLM学位项目一年,24个学分)
• Comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of American law and legal practices(美国法律和司法工作的全面深入学习)
• How to research American law, perform common law analysis, and write research memoranda(如何研究美国法律, 开展法律分析和书写研究报告)
• Development of practice-ready skills through learning by doing and turning theory into method(通过学习如何将理论转换为方法完善实用技能)
• Rules of professionalresponsibility thatregulate the American legal profession, with a focus on the California Rules of Professional Conduct (用于维持美国司法专业性的职业责任的规章制度,重点学习加州系统的职业行为)
This program is designed to provide legal education to lawyers, judges, government officials and others wishing to gain applicable knowledge of the legal system and practice of law in the US.(项目培养律师、法官、政府官员和其它法律相关的工作者 希望获得实用法律知识,美国司法系统等)


1. Classes atUCI Law are taught by a brilliant group of dedicated and welcoming faculty.Our faculty members are extraordinary scholars. A recent study ranked their scholarly impact as No. 12 in the country. Equally important, they are also superbteachers and devoted mentors. This unbeatable combination makes UCI Law a unique, dynamic and diverse intellectual community in which to learn and grow.  (由欧文法律学院的知名教授授课。教授的影响力全国排名12. )

2. UCI Law is located in the heart of Orange County, California(欧文地理位置极佳,位于阳光加州)
• Irvine ranks #1 safest bigcity(欧文成为美国最安全城市)
• 292 warm and sunny days per year(每年大半时间都是阳光明媚)
• TheheartofSouthernCalifornia’s“Tech Coast”and homet o fast-growing industry centers(南加州有科技海岸和快速工业发展中心之称)
• UC Irvine is surrounded by a highly desirable and sophisticated legal market andishome toprestigious internationallawfirms,regionalfirms,and prominent public interestorganizations(欧文具有非常成熟的司法市场, 有著名国际性、地区性律师事务所,以及知名公共组织)

3. Rankings(以下为欧文各法律专业排名)
UCI Law:
• No. 27 overall in theU.S.
• No. 8 in ClinicalTraining
• No. 25 in Intellectual Property Law
• No. 25 for International Law

4. LL.M. to J.D. Transfer Process(优秀学生有机会转入JD博士学位学习)
TopperformingMasterofLaws students fromUCILaware able toapplytotransferfromtheLL.M.programtotheUCILawJurisDoctor(J.D.)program.
5. Gain U.S. Bar Eligibility(获得通过美国BAR考试资格)
TheUCILawLL.M. curriculumqualifies students to sitfortheCalifornia Stateand New York State bar exams

Best Suited For 适合学生
Undergraduates majoring in Law
Teaching formality 授课形式
In person
Length of Study 项目长度
One year
Classmates 同班同学
International students majoring in Law
Transcript 成绩单
Yes you will receive an official transcript from UCI
Location 地理位置
Irvine, California, USA
Passport 护照
A valid passport is required
Visa 签证
F1 student visa
Scholarship 奖学金
Yes if selected to be a campus embassador
Housing 住宿
On and off campus housing